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Vasectomy reversal

Advanced microsurgical vasectomy reversals to men who want to try for a baby naturally after previously undergoing a vasectomy.

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What does a vasectomy reversal involve?

This procedure involves identifying the two ends of the previously cut vas (the tube which carries sperm from the testicles). These ends are then delicately sutured back together with the aid of a high powered microscope. Following the procedure, you will be asked not to ejaculate for a few weeks while the operation site heals. A semen analysis will then be carried out to check whether the operation was a success and that there are sperm present in your semen. 


What success rate should I expect?

Mr Asif Muneer is a Consultant Surgeon trained in microsurgical techniques. He achieves high success rates for vasectomy reversal based. For patients undergoing vasectomy reversal for the first time these rates are over 97%. (patency rates based on post operative semen analysis).

Your overall pregnancy success rate will depend on how long it has been since you had your vasectomy and which technique was used to perform it. This study from the United States compared vasectomy reversals with pregnancy rates: