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Egg donation

London Fertility Centre pioneered the process of egg donation and is responsible for Britain's first egg donor birth (1987). Egg donation is IVF fertility treatment using another woman's eggs. She could be a donor you know or an unknown donor who you are matched with. 

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Interested in becoming an egg donor?

Get paid to donate your eggs and help someone fulfil their dream of having a family. Read more here


UK egg donation

We run a successful altruistic UK egg donation programme. Donors of various ethnicities who are ready to be matched right now, all you need to do is contact us on 020 7224 0707 to register. After your initial consultation, some necessary tests and counselling we will aim to match you with a donor as quickly as possible. At the time of treatment your donor will remain anonymous. You will receive non-identifying information, such as their physical characteristics (height, weight, and eye, hair and skin colour) and ethnic group. There may also be details the donor has chosen to supply, like education, occupation, religion, interests and a goodwill message.

Overseas altruistic egg donation

Our partnership with IVI Alicante means you can choose to have your egg donation procedure carried out using an overseas egg donor. We will monitor and manage your treatment to prepare you for embryo transfer, which will then take place in Spain.
Your egg collection, fertilisation, embryo scoring and embryo transfer will be performed by fertility specialists and embryologists trained either in Britain or in other European Community countries.

Known egg donation

If you know someone who would be willing to donate their eggs to you we can book them in for an initial consultation at our centre.

Is egg donation for me?

We may recommend using donated eggs or embryos if you 45 or over, have fertility problems which diminish your chances of being successful with your own eggs, if you are at risk of passing on an inherited disease or if you have had cancer treatment.

What does egg donation cost?

The cost of egg donation depends on the type of donation you choose. For example, UK egg donation is £9,500 with additional costs for aspects of the treatment that need to be tailored specifically to you, such as medication. Read more here.

What does egg donation involve?

Matching and counselling

We will match you with a donor according to a number of factors, including your physical characteristics and blood type. You will have implications counselling so you can understand exactly what to expect from egg donation.

Stimulation and monitoring

Both you and your egg donor taking hormonal injections to synchronise your cycles and to help her to develop a relatively high number of mature eggs during her menstrual cycle. Monitoring scans and blood tests are carried out throughout your cycles so we can track how your bodies are responding.

Egg collection

When her body is ready, she will be given ‘trigger’ medication that causes her to be ready to ovulate. Her mature eggs will be collected by a doctor during a short procedure called ‘egg collection’.


Her eggs and your partner’s or donor’s sperm are prepared in our laboratory and put together in a petri dish.  As in natural conception, once eggs have been exposed to the sperm, many will attach themselves to the egg and one sperm will usually enter it. This is called fertilisation and it creates an embryo. The embryos are cultured in our laboratory under specialised conditions, which mimic the natural environment in the fallopian tubes. Whenever possible, we aim to culture the embryos for five days, at which time they reach ‘blastocyst’ stage and it becomes easier to select the best embryos for transfer. This leads to a greater chance of success.

Embryo transfer

Two to five days after the egg collection, you will have a short procedure called ‘embryo transfer’. Depending on your age between one and three embryos will be placed into your uterus. We always aim to transfer as few embryos as possible to reduce the risk of multiple births. They are then left to develop and you will take a pregnancy test two weeks later.

If you have any healthy embryos left over you can choose to freeze them to use at a later date.

You will visit our dedicated men’s room to produce a sperm sample that will be used to fertilise the eggs. Once the sample is ready it will be taken into a laboratory and ‘washed’ to remove excess materials, and then put together in a petri dish with the eggs and left to fertilise.

Considering becoming an egg donor? Have a look at our egg donor information section

Feedback from people who have had egg donation with us

“Unique atmosphere and support that helped us get through the entire process of egg donation with ease and calm in our hearts. They are really dedicated to their work. I experienced passion and professionalism in this clinic!”

“Great clinic and I can recommend it to everyone considering IVF or egg donation.”