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Single-parent families

A growing number of single men and women are choosing to use fertility treatment to start their own families

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For women:

If you want to try for a baby now, we would recommend donor insemination, which can be carried out through IVF, IUI or ICSI treatment.

You can use sperm from a donor who you already know, or you can select a donor from our large sperm bank that is available exclusively for the use of our patients.

Read more about donor insemination

If you are interested in preserving your fertility, we would recommend embryo freezing or egg freezing.

Egg freezing is a good option if you are single but want to preserve your fertility until a time when you are ready to have a baby. Read more about egg freezing.

Embryo freezing can be carried out using sperm from a known donor, or a donor you select from our sperm bank. Read more here.




For men:

You can choose to have a baby now through surrogacy. The surrogate may be someone you know, or you could find her through a charity like COTS of Surrogacy UK.

She can use her own eggs, or you can use eggs from a separate donor

Read more about surrogacy.