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Our overall clinical pregnancy success rates for IUI using donor sperm average at 32.5% for stimulated cycles and 22.5% for natural cycles.

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Intrauterine insemination (IUI) involves placing ‘washed’ sperm inside the uterus to fertilise eggs. It is a lower-cost, less invasive fertility procedure than traditional IVF as it does not involve surgical collection of eggs.

Is IUI for me?

Choosing IUI can be a good treatment option if you are a single woman or a lesbian couple and already have a high chance of conceiving.

We may also recommend the process of IUI if you are struggling with impotence or premature ejaculation, or if you are experiencing ovulation problems.

Natural IUI

IUI can be carried out with or without stimulation drugs – this is down to personal preference and the doctor’s recommendations based on your gynaecology and fertility history.

What does IUI cost?

The cost of IUI is usually £875. 

There will be additional costs for aspects of the treatment that need to be tailored specifically to you, such as using donor sperm or medication. Read more here.

What does IUI involve?

Stimulation and monitoring

IUI cycles begin with you taking hormonal injections to help your body develop a relatively high number of mature eggs during your menstrual cycle. Monitoring scans and blood tests are carried out throughout your cycle so we can track how your body is responding.


When your body is ready, you may be given ‘trigger’ medication that causes you to be ready to ovulate. Sperm will be ‘washed’ to remove any excess material and then inserted into your uterus and left to fertilise. Two weeks later you will have a pregnancy test.

Around two hours before your partner is ready to have her fertilisation procedure you will visit our dedicated men’s room to produce a sperm sample that will be used to fertilise her eggs. Once the sample is ready it will be taken into a laboratory and ‘washed’ to remove excess materials, and then put into a small catheter (tube) to be inserted into your partner's uterus.

Loyalty programme

If your fertility treatment doesn't work first time we'll give you 10% off your next cycle.

Our loyalty programme has been developed to help support you by reducing costs in the event that you need to have more than one fertility treatment cycle.

Terms and conditions apply. Read more here.

Feedback from people who have had IUI with us

"We had our first private funded IUI at London Fertility Centre. The doctors, nurses and embryologists were so lovely, they made us feel welcome and reassured us by giving us plenty of information. I was in a huge amount of shock when I got pregnant on first round of IUI – I thought it wouldn’t work! After trying without success for two years we are over the moon! Without their help and efforts we wouldn’t be pregnant at all. We will definitely do it again in the future if we decide to have baby number two. We highly recommend this to anyone!"
Faye & Sam (Essex) x