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ICSI and IMSI are laboratory techniques we use in conjunction with IVF. Sperm is injected into the egg to help it fertilise.

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Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is a laboratory procedure used in addition to an IVF cycle. The embryologist selects a single sperm and injects it into an egg to help it fertilise. London Fertility Centre is proud to be a pioneer in this field and is responsible for Britain’s first ever ICSI birth (1992). Today, we have new, advanced ICSI equipment in our laboratory and a team of experienced embryologists who carry out the procedure.

Is ICSI for me?

We may recommend ICSI if your sperm needs some help to fertilise an egg. For example, you may have a low number of sperm or they might not be moving as quickly as they need to. It also may be beneficial to have ICSI if you have tried IVF before and had low fertilisation rates.

What does ICSI cost?

The cost of ICSI is usually £1,295. 

ICSI is used in addition to IVF. Read more about IVF here.

Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI) is one of the newest, most advanced fertility techniques. A very high powered microscope in our laboratory magnifies sperm to around 7,000 times. We find one with a good shape, which indicates good genetic quality, and then inject it into the egg.

Research indicates this can reduce the use of sperm with DNA damage, which can reduce the miscarriage rate and increase the chance of a successful pregnancy.

Is IMSI for me?

IMSI may be recommended where there is a history of recurrent miscarrige, high abnormal formation of sperm or history of high sperm DNA fragmentation. It may also be reccomended in cases of unexplained infertility.

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