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Frozen embryo transfer

London Fertility Centre's curent overall clinical pregnancy success rate for Frozen Embryo Transfer is 44%.

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Your frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycle can be done naturally or in a hormone controlled cycle.  If you have previously frozen your embryos with London Fertility Centre, or with another fertility clinic, we can carry out frozen embryo transfers for you.

What does FET involve?


You may have a natural or hormone controlled cycle. Monitoring using vaginal ultrasound and blood tests will be used throughout your cycle to identify the best timing to place any healthy embryos back into your uterus.


Your embryos will be carefully thawed in our laboratory. We recommend using our advanced specialised laser for the frozen embryo transfer, currently the only one of its kind in UK, where it will create a microscopic hole in the shell of the embryos which enable them to hatch and have a better chance of implantation. This process is called laser assisted hatching.

Embryo transfer

When your body is ready, you will undergo the short procedure of ‘embryo transfer’. Depending on your age,  between one and three embryos will be placed into your uterus. We aim to transfer as few embryos as possible to reduce the risk of multiple births. They are then left to develop and you will take a pregnancy test when the embryos are two weeks of age. Embryos that have not been thawed will remain in storage for your future use.

Loyalty programme

If your fertility treatment doesn't work first time we'll give you 10% off your next cycle.

Our loyalty programme has been developed to help support you by reducing costs in the event that you need to have more than one fertility treatment cycle.

Terms and conditions apply. Read more here.