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Endometrial scratching

Endometrial scratching is a new, innovative fertility technique that can improve the chance of pregnancy where there has previously been recurrent implantation failure.

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Endometrial scratching involves gently scratching the lining of your womb before your fertility treatment cycle, which allows embryos to embed more easily.

New research has shown that, where used appropriately, the technique may almost double the chances of women having a baby through IVF treatment.

Is endometrial scratching for me?

We may recommend endometrial scratching if you have had treatment where your embryos were of a good quality and all other aspects of your IVF cycle showed a good prognosis, yet the embryo did not implant successfully.

What does endometrial scratching involve?

The short procedure is carried out in our theatre just before your treatment begins. It takes around 15 minutes and no anaesthetic is required. If it is the first time you are having the procedure we will also carry out a saline hysterography scan so we can view the uterus ahead of the procedure.

How much does endometrial scratching cost?

The saline scan and endometrial scratching procedure costs £350.