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Egg thawing

If you have had your eggs frozen with us at London Fertility Centre or any other fertility centre, we can thaw them and aim to fertilise them to create healthy embryos for transfer.

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What does egg thawing involve?

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You may have a natural or hormone controlled cycle with monitoring using a vaginal ultrasound scan as well as blood tests throughout your cycle to identify the best timing to place any healthy embryos back into your uterus.

Thawing and fertilisation

We will monitor how well your eggs survive the thawing process in our laboratory at LFC. With the eggs that survive, we will then start the process of insemination. Good quality thawed eggs will be will be injected with sperm (ICSI), which may come from your partner or from a sperm donor as planned in advance with your doctor. If fertilisation is successful embryos will placed in our incubators so they can try to develop further.

The embryos are then cultured in our laboratory under specialised conditions, which mimic the natural environment of the fallopian tubes. Whenever possible, we aim to culture the embryos for five days, at which time they reach ‘blastocyst’ stage and it becomes easier to select the best embryos for transfer. This leads to a greater chance of success.

Embryo transfer

Two to five days after the egg collection, you will have a short procedure called an ‘embryo transfer’. Depending on your age between one and three embryos will be placed into your uterus. We always aim to transfer as few embryos as possible to reduce the risk of multiple births. They are then left to develop and you will take a pregnancy test two weeks after the egg thaw. If you have any healthy embryos left over you can choose to freeze them to use at a later date.

Sperm production

On the day of egg thaw procedure, you will visit our dedicated men’s room to produce a sperm sample that will be used to fertilise your partner’s eggs. Once the sample is ready it will be taken into a laboratory and ‘washed’ to remove excess materials. A single sperm will then be selected to inject into each individual egg (ICSI), to fertilise the eggs

Loyalty programme

If your fertility treatment doesn't work first time we'll give you 10% off your next cycle.

Our loyalty programme has been developed to help support you by reducing costs in the event that you need to have more than one fertility treatment cycle.

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