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Blastocyst transfer

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Wherever possible, we will leave your embryos to develop in our laboratories for between five to six days. At this point they are at ‘blastocyst’ stage and we have a good indication of which are the healthiest and most likely to result in a successful pregnancy once we transfer them back into your uterus.

Is blastocyst transfer for me?

Blastocyst transfer is not suitable for all patients. Growing outside of the uterus can be hard work for embryos, so if they are not looking as strong as we hoped they stand a better chance of surviving if we transfer them into your uterus slightly earlier in their development. Three days after your egg collection we will let you know if your embryos are strong enough to be left to develop until blastocyst stage.

We sometimes transfer embryos before they reach the blastocyst stage if the numbers of embryos are small or if it is already clear which are the best.