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Male fertility profile

We offer one of the most comprehensive male fertility profiling packages available. It is ideal if you are trying for a baby now or think you may do so in the future. Your results will be available just a few hours after your test is carried out.

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What does a male fertility profile involve?


You will visit one of our dedicated men’s rooms to produce a sample. These private, purpose-built rooms are linked to our laboratory, so once you have your sample you will place it on a small shelf and our embryologists will collect it after you have left.

Analysis and wash

We carry out an analysis of the sperm to check its quality. We look at volume, viscosity (how fast your semen liquefies), density (how many sperm you have), motility (what percentage move), progression (how fast they move), abnormal forms (how many have abnormal shape), cells (occurrence of white blood cells), debris (any extra debris may relate to your general well being) and agglutination (motile sperm that stick to other motile sperm). We also perform an antibody test.

Results and consultation

Your results will be available the same day. Should you receive any unexpected results, you will be given an optional 15 minute appointment with a doctor who can provide guidance on how to improve your results.

How much does it cost?

The total cost for the male fertility profile is £130

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