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Tests and investigations

We offer a comprehensive range of tests and investigations for women, men and couples.

Female fertility test
We offer a comprehensive fertility test for women. With our cost-effective female fertility profile, you can be confident you’re getting a very clear picture of what is currently happening with your fertility and also gain an understanding of what your future potential fertility is likely to be.
Male fertility test
We offer one of the most comprehensive male fertility profiling packages available. It is ideal if you are trying for a baby now or think you may do so in the future.
Couples fertility test
Our couples fertility test provides heterosexual couples with a clear view of their current and potential future fertility. We will carry out comprehensive tests then explain the results to both of you during your consultation.

Tubal patency testing (HyCoSy)

If we suspect your fallopian tubes may be blocked or obstructed, we will recommend you have a HyCoSy ultrasound test. It is a non-invasive, 15 minute procedure that provides immediate results.

Read more about HyCoSy

Pregnancy scans

We provide packages of pregnancy tests and scans. If you have a positive pregnancy blood test we will conduct your first early pregnancy scan at around two or three weeks. This will confirm the foetal heartbeat.

We can then provide ongoing scans throughout your pregnancy so you can keep track of the development of your baby.


Out-patient blood tests, scans and fertility medication

We can provide blood tests, scans, investigations and prescriptions for people who are not having fertility treatment with us:

  • Ultrasound scan and report
  • Transvaginal ultrasound scan and report
  • Pregnancy scan
  • Pregnancy blood test
  • AMH blood test
  • Female fertility hormone blood tests
  • STI and STD screening packages
  • Prescriptions for and injections of fertility drugs, including Gonal-F, Ovitrelle  and Prostap. Please be aware that a consultation with a doctor will be required before any medication is prescribed
  • Consultations to interpret tests and scan reports

If the test, scan or medication you need is not listed above we may still be able to help. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

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