London Fertility Centre worked hard to make the process as easy as possible

Egg and sperm donation

For some people, using donor eggs or sperm may be their only chance to have children. Choosing to become a donor can change someone's life.

Egg donation

We run a highly successful UK egg donation programme. In return for donating your eggs you may be compensated up to £750. 

The woman you donate to may need your help because her own eggs are of a poor quality, she could have no eggs, she may have survived cancer or she could be at risk of passing on a genetic disorder if she uses her own eggs. 

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Sperm donation

We are always looking for new sperm donors and would love to hear from you. You can be compensated £35 for each donation visit. If we achieve 6 freezes after each clearing of blood and urine tests you may be compensated up to £630 in total.

To become a sperm donor you need to be fit and healthy, and make an eight month committment during the donation period.

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