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Time-lapse photography at London Fertility Centre

Saghar Kasiri, Senior Embryologist and PGD/PGS specialist, discusses time-lapse imaging technology that is being trialled at London Fertility Centre.

“We are currently trialling time-lapse photography, and are testing a variety of machines that are available on the market. The primary findings are positive, however we believe that it is too soon to make conclusive decisions about the benefits of time-lapse imagine technology in regards to the selection of high quality embryos. Much more research is needed in order for us to know how successful it is.

The time lapse technology will help us to select high quality embryos but it does not replace existing methods, or treatments such as pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS), which can give people a definitive answer as to whether their embryos are chromosomally normal.

We carry out both time-lapse imaging and PGS treatments.”

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