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Clinics should be selective in using ICSI and PGS

Dr Magdy Asaad, Clinical Director of London Fertility Centre, says fertility clinics should be selective when choosing patients for advanced fertility techniques.


His comments come after a Government-backed review highlighted a wide variation in the use of advanced fertility techniques such as ICSI and pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) at UK clinics.

The review, released in July, has raised concerns that these techniques may be provided to some patients for commercial reasons rather than because there is a legitimate clinical need.

“London Fertility Centre follows strict criteria and protocols when selecting patients for ICSI and PGS,” says Dr Asaad.

 “We mainly offer ICSI when there have been previous IVF fertilisation failures or when sperm parameters fall below the World Health Organisation threshold. Where results are borderline or in cases of unexplained fertility we may suggest they use half of their eggs for IVF and half for ICSI.

PGS is available only to patients if they are 40 or over, they have had previous failed cycles or recurrent miscarriages, or if they have a known genetic condition. Our results indicate a dramatically increased pregnancy success rate amongst patients who have been referred for PGS.”