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IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation)

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is the process of fertilising eggs outside of the body. It is the basis of most fertility treatments.

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London Fertility Centre is one of the pioneers of IVF procedures, with Britain’s first IVF twins (1982) and triplets (1984) born through our clinic. Since then, IVF treatment has developed rapidly – success rates are higher and the risk of multiple births is much lower. At London Fertility Centre, we aim to keep the amount of medication used during your IVF cycle to a minimum while still ensuring the best possible chances of success. A lower dose of IVF medication means the side effects of taking hormonal drugs are kept to a minimum and your IVF cycle is less expensive.

Our individualised approach means that every couple will vary in how their treatment is planned and managed. However, the below information may help to give you an idea of what can be expected.

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Is IVF for me?

IVF may be right for you if you have unexplained infertility, blocked fallopian tubes or if treatments like IUI have been unsuccessful.

Natural IVF

If you do not want to use any medication we can provide natural cycle IVF. This means only one egg might be collected. It reduces the chance of success but means you are unlikely to have any side effects from hormonal drugs.

What does IVF cost?

An IVF treatment cycle at our clinic usually costs £3,690.

In addition to this, there will be additional costs for aspects of the cycle that need to be tailored specifically to what you need, such as medication.

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The IVF process

Stimulation and monitoring

IVF cycles begin with you taking hormonal injections to help your body develop a relatively high number of mature eggs during your menstrual cycle. Monitoring scans and blood tests are carried out throughout your cycle so we can track how your body is responding.

Egg collection

When your body is ready, you will be given ‘trigger’ medication that causes you to be ready to ovulate. Your mature eggs will be collected by a doctor during a short procedure called ‘egg collection’.


Your eggs and you partner or donor’s sperm are prepared in our laboratory and put together in a petri dish.  As in natural conception, once your eggs have been exposed to the sperm, many will attach themselves to the egg and one sperm will usually enter it. This is called fertilisation and it creates an embryo.  The embryos are cultured in our laboratory under specialised conditions, which mimic the natural environment in the fallopian tubes. Whenever possible, we aim to culture the embryos for five days, at which time they reach ‘blastocyst’ stage and it becomes easier to select the best embryos for transfer. This leads to a greater chance of success.

Embryo transfer

Two to five days after your egg collection, you will have a short procedure called ‘embryo transfer’. Depending on your age between one and three embryos will be placed into your uterus. We always aim to transfer as few embryos as possible to reduce the risk of multiple births. They are then left to develop and you will take a pregnancy test two weeks later.

If you have any healthy embryos left over you can choose to freeze them to use at a later date.

At around the same time your partner is having her egg collection procedure, you will visit our dedicated men’s room to produce a sperm sample that will be used to fertilise her eggs. Once the sample is ready it will be taken into a laboratory and ‘washed’ to remove excess materials, and then put together in a petri dish with her eggs and left to fertilise.

Loyalty programme

If your fertility treatment doesn't work first time we'll give you 10% off your next cycle.

Our loyalty programme has been developed to help support you by reducing costs in the event that you need to have more than one fertility treatment cycle.

Terms and conditions apply. Read more here.

Feedback from people who have had IVF with us

“I would like to say a big thank you to all of the staff at the centre for your care and patience during my recent visits. My IVF treatment couldn’t have gone better, and to have a positive result at the end has made it all the worthwhile, keep up the good work!”

“We want to thank everyone involved for the part you played in enabling us to have Oliver- without you it wouldn’t have been possible, we are thankful every day that we were so lucky to be successful on our first attempt at IVF/ICSI, the work you do is truly amazing and changes lives, we are now a family.”

“Great clinic and I can recommend it to everyone considering IVF or egg donation.”