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Egg donation

Get paid to donate your eggs and help fulfill another person's dream of having a family.

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London Fertility Centre is one of the pioneers of egg donation, our clinic had Europe's first egg donor birth. 

Contact us if you are interested in registering to become an egg donor. The woman you donate to may need your help because her own eggs are of a poor quality, she could have no eggs, she may have survived cancer or she could be at risk of passing on a genetic disorder if she uses her own eggs.

Our egg donors receive a payment of £750 to cover their costs.

Am I able to donate my eggs?

In order to become an egg donor, you need be to be under 36 years old and have a BMI of less than 33, but ideally less than 30.

How can I get help from an egg donor?

Please visit here for further information if you are interested in using eggs from one of our donors in order to have a baby.

An egg recipient's story

"I often think about the woman out there who will help me. I call her my 'Donor Angel' and I wonder what she is like. I know that inside she is noble and I know that she has the power to hear the heartbreak of women like me.

"I, probably like so many others, never dreamt that I would not be able to conceive when I had passed all the other milestones we women dream about. I had found the man I loved who loved me, married in happiness and built a home around ourselves.

Going for IVF treatment was, in the end, the only path open to us. When our pregnancy test came back positive we were over the moon.

"However, after a seven month struggle to keep the baby and spending months in bed trying to stop the bleeding, we had to dash to the hospital in the middle of the night due to a threatened miscarriage. Our baby girl died at birth due to a serious chromosomal problem. As I held her, I looked into her tiny face and was absolutely overwhelmed by grief. I would have died in her place, if only it would have given her a normal life. The tears and anguish of both my husband and our families lasted for what seemed like an eternity. It was a bereavement of our hopes and plans. We could not risk again inflicting such severe malformation on another little one.


"So, armed with all the baby clothes and equipment, we decided in time to find an egg donor. If we could find another woman who would help us, we could still have our dreams come true. Having carried a child, I had all the maternal longings. A child is such a precious gift, as I'm sure most people are aware. Those of us who cannot have children without help know it all the more. Women who have lost a child know that they have lost the most precious gift on earth.

"I have met other women who also never expected their infertility. One lady I know started menopause in her twenties and another has no ovaries due to a car accident in her teens (though they saved her uterus). I believe that there are kind women out there who would help us if they knew how much their help is needed."

- Anonymous

What does egg donation involve?


Once you have contacted us to let us know you are interested we will provide you with some forms to complete so we can find out a bit more about you. Once you have returned these we will contact you to arrange for you to come to in and see us for a consultation with a doctor. 

Screening and testing

You will have chromosomal and screening tests carried out. UK guidelines require all prospective donors to be screened for the following:

  • full blood count
  • blood group
  • HIV 1 and 2
  • hepatitis B
  • hepatitis B core
  • hepatitis C
  • syphilis
  • HTLV 1 and 2
  • chlamydia
  • gonorrhoea
  • cytomegalovirus (CMV)

We will also perform a chromosomal analysis and cystic fibrosis screening. The results of these tests will determine whether we will be able to match you with a particular recipient.

Once all tests are clear you will have a hormone blood test, including AMH, between days two and five of your menstrual cycle. This will give us an indication of your ovarian reserve and the ability of your ovaries to respond to stimulatory drugs.


Implications counselling

You will need to attend a compulsory session of implications counselling to ensure you know exactly what to expect when you become an egg donor. If you are in a stable relationship we recommend your partner also attends this session.


We will then match you with someone who wants to have a baby using your eggs. At the time of treatment you will remain anonymous, but you will be able to provide non-identifiable information for the person who is receiving your eggs, including your reason for donating and an optional goodwill message and description of yourself as a person.





Your treatment is very similar to what other women go through when they have an egg freezing cycle.

Stimulation and monitoring

You will have two weeks of daily hormonal injections in order to stimulate your ovaries to produce a higher than usual number of mature eggs. During this time you will have regular hormonal monitoring blood tests and ultrasound scans so we can see how your body is responding to the medication.

Egg collection

When your body is ready, you will have what is known as a 'trigger' injection, which causes you to ovulate. You will come in to our theatre in central London and have these mature eggs collected. The procedure takes around 20 minutes and is carried out under sedation. We will let you know how many eggs we have been able to collect and you will be able to return home after a few hours. Your work is now done!

Fertilisation and embryo transfer

Your mature eggs will be taken into our laboratory and fertilised by sperm. Any healthy embryos that result will be placed into the uterus of the woman who your are donating to and two weeks later we will carry out a test to see if she has fallen pregnant